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Rubber-block Suspension


With as little effort as possible, the rubber suspension achieves a springing that has a high amount of self-damping and a progressive characteristic curve. It is a simple construction, is however, much more sensitive to temperature than a steel spring suspension. Only a small amount of spring-travel is possible. Indeed, it's construction is relatively compact.


Synthetic rubber is found in any number of places in the vehicle. It is used to suppress vibrations and particularly to reduce noise. Fillings with liquids or air can increase the effectivity (e.g., in the case of the engine mountings). A wheel-suspension without maintenance- free rubber bearings is unthinkable. In the case of very simple constructions, (e.g., motor car trailers) they are the only sprung elements. As in the above picture, pre-tensioned between steel profiles and under pressure, they develop a progressive effect. At the same time, the rubber spring has a vibration damping effect. The spring travel and the responsive properties would however, hardly be acceptable for modern motor cars. 09/11

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