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Damper - Nutch


Harder shock absorbers are only really necessary in a loaded vehicle. In this case the oscillations of the body work must be more effectively controlled. Unloaded, the shock absorbers could be laid out a little more comfortably or softer. Above, an absorber is shown which adjusts the hardness through differring load conditions alone, completely without the help of electronics.


A small groove milled into the cylinder reduces the problem. If the absorber oscillates around a point above the center (unloaded), a portion of the absorber oil can bypass the valves in the piston. The damping becomes softer.

In the loaded condition, the piston moves in the cylinder area without the groove. In this case, the full damper force is used, which could also be even a little harder than usual.


The groove must be gradually phased out at the top and at the bottom to make the crossover between both damper settings more harmonious. 05/10