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 Engine Oil-Finder

Wiring diagrams

Parallel connection
Serial connection
How an LED works
How a foto-LED works
Current-flow control with a transistor
Various open current relays in action
Seven-segment display (simple switching)
Seven-segment display(switching through an IC)
Indicator circuit
Hazard warning flasher with a controll lamp
AND, OR, NOT, EXCL. etc. (digital technology)
Internal circuit of a pressure sensor
Throttle-flap potentiometer (internal circuit)
Generator, voltage regulator und battery (illustration)
Generator, voltage regulator und battery (animation)
Lighting system (four headlights) with foglight
Lighting system (two headlights) with a controll lamp
Circuit for additional lighting
A functional ignition-coil with contact breaker
Circuit for simple central locking
Wiring diagram of a 1964 VW 1200
Wiring diagram of a Motronic with OBD

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