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Telematics 8

Areas which have long been taken care of by telematics are the city-buses and taxis (see picture). We've already mentioned the passenger-information-service, e.g., about cancelled- or delayed public transport. There are much older systems which keep tabs on the timetables during the rush-hour traffic. Not only have bus-only lanes been introduced but also intervention in the switching of traffic-lights.

Indeed, the timing of the traffic lights can't simply be changed. This apparently, is what the Federal Railways do on branch lines which are secured by barriers, sometimes giving themselves far more time than is actually necessary to ensure safety. Even in earlier times, the bus-system had already introduced special equipment in the buses themselves and e.g., at the last bus-stop, where they could find the location of the bus in question and then act accordingly.

Taxis on the other hand, have completely different problems. In this case, taxi-calls have always had to be sent out. Two-way radios (walkie-talkies) have been in use for as long as we can remember. Taxi-services with a round-the-clock switchboard operator are also still around. There are however, also services where one can order a taxi using the internet or even an App in your smartphone. Should you be logged-in as a regular customer, you can even take advantage of various additional functions.

The main attraction is that, not only do you get immediate confirmation per email, you can also follow the progress of your booking, similar to the method used by some parcel-services. It's very reassuring, to be able to see on your smartphone map just when your booked taxi is coming (only for logged-in customers). Just as simple for the customer, is receiving one SMS when the booking is taken, another when the booking has arrived in the taxi and a third SMS which is sent to the switchboard when the actual trip begins. 03/12

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