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Telematics 7

We have already dealt with the special features of the car-key, also the keyless access. The Hyundai Company now has something new in the making, access to the car by means of a Smartphone. For this, the car must be capable of Near Field Communication, at the moment of course, this is not yet available for Apple-products. The NFC-wireless sensor is otherwise used more as a mobile payment system.

The phone is held near to certain stickers (NFC-Tags) on the side windows or rear windscreen this unlocks the doors. It is then laid on a certain place on the center console, where not only is the contact to the car established, the phone-battery is also charged.

After a short time, the start-button can be pressed and one can drive off. All the functions of the Smartphone can be used, e.g., an extensive music collection. One can of course, also view ones picture collection or surf the internet.

Hyundai maintains that the main reason for this system, is that the younger generation is less willing to spend money for a built-in navigation system and would rather use the Smartphone. Every possible function is conceivable. At the trade-fair, a video was being shown on the large screen which, with hardly any effort, could be picked up and shown on the vehicle's own monitor.

The phone can of course, carry a great deal of easy to change, individual settings, which are carried out immediately by the cars software, e.g., a sitting position or a certain interior temperature. Going on to pre- selectable additional heating from a greater distance, is then only a small step, this however, can already be found in other systems.

Because the system will only be coming onto the market in 2015, the possibile telematic limits are not yet clear. Of primary importance is the anti-theft protection function. Should the Smartphone require a PIN-code input to switch itself on, then the protection is effective, even up to the loss of the car. At the moment one can still unlock the car from almost any distance. Some thought will probably have to be given to this. 03/12

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