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Telematics 4

Nowadays, even in mid-size towns, relatively comprehensive infomation systems are also possible for public transport users. A good example is the city of Freiburg. One would really like to find out, when the next bus or train will be coming. Indeed, one would like to know much earlier if, in fact, it has even been cancelled, instead of unsuccessfuly waiting for a long time when it's bitterly cold outside.

By the way, the breaking of one link in the chain of public transport, can lead to greater damages. If something goes awry with the combination of bus and train, perhaps it would be more sensible to make a somewhat longer journey with a taxi, if that would mean getting to the airport in time to catch a trans-Atlantic flight. Of course, in this case, the successful detouring around a traffic-jam or a long tail-back, would have a similar effect.

In general, it would seem that the outstanding effects of telematics always show themselves when something does not run according to plan. It may be that a colleague has called in sick, or a vehicle is out of service, it is impossible to do the task in the given time. This is where a cool-headed overview of all the possible available resources is called for and for this task these systems are unbeatable, as long as theyare informed of each and every possibility.

In addition, any possible problems with the accounting, may now have come to an end. How long did the technician take? Has too much been calculated? Does the care-service spend enough time with the patient? If and where, can on this service trip, only expenses be calculated? If, in the worst case, it is brought before the law-courts, then realistic, objective figures can be brought forth.

Of course, the telematics will have taken over the cell- or Smartphones. What we have here is only a small example: Let's assume, that for either tax- or legal reasons, you want to or have to keep a drivers-logbook. Then your entire activities, for both private and for professional trips can be taken care of by pressing a key. Like for a number of things, an App. makes it possible. 03/12

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