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Telematics 3

It's very important to mention, that telamatics systems can, more and more, bring their advantages into play. At the moment, one can use the data of institutions who report on the tailbacks and traffic-jams. To be able to use these for navigation, means having a great advantage. The plannining departments and possibly also the customers can make suitable arrangements. Indeed, what does it mean if the data can be picked up in real-time by every car?

The keyword here is linking. The status of the vehicle can be called up by the haulage contractor. A servicing- or repair appointment can be included in the vehicle- and driver allocation. The workshop can confirm and will have the necessary staff and the respective spares ready. This is similar to the paint-shop, which has only 1,5 hours to repair any small damage because after that time, the vehicle has already been rented out again.

It's interesting to know, that in this context, such a flood of data is available, that in in everyday use, it probably can't always be used. Almost like your most extensively used computer program, where after years of use, you suddenly discover a 'new' function. Indeed, one still does have the freedom of being compelled to use all the functions in the system.

In everyday operations, time is money. Thus, the recording of times has nothing to do with the punch-clock, they are recorded automatically. All the data, even if it's not being used at the moment, may still flow into a system, which later analyses certain procedures, making specific improvements possible. After all, offers and estimates, e.g., for new orders or customers has to come from somewhere.

Now, try to imagine how this would work when applied to package-service. Up to one hundred orders per day are not unusual. If it concerns a larger company, then this can only managed by using computers. If complications do arise, then the telematics are probably the only possibility of solving the problem and keeping the disadvantages to a minimum.

That which is valid for airlines, namely the posibility of claiming reimbursement, may also become standard practice in the taxi- and bus services. If a documentation, which is free of manipulation, can be shown, it could mean the successful defense against claims of this sort. As far as taxi-services are concerned, the search for as many passengers as possible can be optimized. 03/13

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