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Lambda sensor - Repair

No, the lighting up of the engine indicator lamp is not sure if defective. Just think of the hot exhaust system near which the cable(s) for the lambda sensor(s) must run. If it comes there to occasional ground connections of the signal line or their not complete breakage, an intermittent error can be set, which is displayed not immediately. Case of suspicion it is necessary to (let) measure.

A list of error codes, see here.

Are checked for leaks line network and plug connectors as well as exhaust and intake system (including brake booster), a look into the fault memory is actually never a bad idea. Then the measurement take place. To every line belongs the obligatory exercise of checking for disconnection, plus and ground connection. Additional diagnostic or motor tests can accelerate the troubleshooting.

If the lines are alright according to their function, lambda sensor or its heating come under suspicion. For the latter is actually sufficient a resistance measurement, of course, at removed plugs. Bosch even allows up to 30 ohms. On the other side of the plugs removed, can be determined then the voltage (10 - 14 volts). The same can be done precisely at this point (only with the other cables) for determining the reference voltage. Be expected 0.4 up to 0.5 volts.

Tightening torque: 40 - 60 Nm

This raises the question of replacement of lambda sensor or engine control unit. It is therefore worthwhile to look at what makes the lambda sensor with the reference voltage. Will it drawn correspondingly up or down? The voltage shortly increases when the air filter is held closed? Best of all, you wish that it would not react to any disturbances, because then you would have found the mistake. 10/15

Grease at the thread is important, to avoid at the probe head.

Although both white cable, there is well plus and minus in the heating. And yet they are interchangeable.

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