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Homogeneous operation


The homogeneous operation should guarantee the full performance of the engine. Most often, a petrol direct fuel injection engine has more power than its indirectly injecting congener. Thus the homogeneous injection will be favoured by the purely performance driven driver, others will favour the stratified-charge operation.

How it works

The figure displays the suction system and the combustion chamber in homogeneous operation. The inlet and exhaust valves are hidden behind the bridges of the cylinder head. The flap on top to the left in the figure allows the full gas flow through. The engine is operated with high load.Except for the high pressure which is injected directly into the combustion chamber, this operating condition does not differ from that of an indirectly injecting petrol engine. At Lambda = 1 the normal combustion takes place, indeed, without condensation losses and with a stronger mixing. The danger of ignition cores causing self-ignition is lower. Thus, a higher compression is possible, the performance yield is higher.

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