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Wipe and Wash equipment


The purchase of a wipe and wash system is not always optional for headlights. Xenon light requires it, e.g., together with a dynamic headlight levelling. It should release the headlights not only because of the better light yield from the street dirt, but remove all particles from the deck glass which could deflect beams of light from their direction and dazzle oncoming traffic.

How it works

Today the equipment shown on top in the figure cannot be found (2007) any more in automobiles. It works after the principle of the windshield wipers, however, has wipers consisting of a lot of fibres. Additionally, there is the jet of water whose pressure corresponds to that of a windshield washer.

Today there are nearly only systems which work after the ray water principle. Thereby, the swirl chamber nozzles are either solidly mounted in front of the headlight or are brought for the washing especially in the right position, tilting or sliding them. The water comes from the container for the windshield washer. In addition, a high-pressure centrifugal pump is necessary.