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Signal Lights (Wiring Diagram)

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This functional diagram contains the direction indicator and the hazard flasher for car and trailer. If the ignition switch and the direction indicator switch are turned on, the direction indicator lamps (of one side) are flashing. The hazard flasher can be turned on without ignition switch being activated. Part of the hazard switch is the connection between the positive pole of the battery (30) and the outgoing signal of the ignition switch (15).
Two separate warning lamps are controlling the direction indicator of the car and the trailer. For each of them there is a reed switch that cotrolls the direction indicator lamps working. If the electrical current is about 4 ampere, the right reed switch is turned on by the magnetism of the winding. There is a winding with less cable around the glass bulb of the left reed switch. It needs at least 6 ampere for working. Direction indicator warning lamp for trailer is flashing only with three 21-watt-lamps. If one of them (may be in the car or the tailer) is damaged, it stops flashing.

It happens that the control of the follower for the first time will flashes, although no trailer is connected. In this case, the reed contact responds to a high current, typical for switching on light bulbs with PTC's character. 09/11