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Lighting system (classic)

Terminal desigrationsBattery backup
58Parking lightEach side singly
56 bDipped beamEach side singly
56 aFull beamEach side singly
55Fog lampWith rear fog lamp

Before the control devices and the electronics finally also take over the lighting, the classical lighting system should be be discussed once again. How it is fused as a rule, can be seen in the chart. It is of course, also possible that the fog lamps and the rear fog light are fused together. The terminal descriptions of course, are rather for cars which are produced in Germany.

Our equipment also does not have the internationally more common warning sound if the lights are left on when leaving the car, but rather the headlights (dipped and high-beam) and the fog lights are switched off automatically together with the ignition. Now at the latest, the ignition switch needs a working-current relay. However, the parking lights, left on all night, can seriously drain the battery.

Assuming that the ignition is switched on, the main light-switch sits in the center on top and distributes to the dipped-, the high-beam and the fog lights. Thus the fog lamps can never burn without at least the parking lights being switched on, they must however, be mounted no less than 40 cm from the outside of the vehicle.

Many years ago there was a ban on the operation of fog lights together with the high beam, which is why, still today, a special relay circuit is found in the test papers. In the meantime, in fact for some time now, the operation of both types of lights has been allowed. The rear fog lamp(s) may still not be mounted directly next to the brake lights. Also they must be automatically switched off when connecting the electrics for a trailer.

We have shown the classical lighting system as a current-flow circuit according to the state of technology. If one leaves out the power supply on the left, the circuit can be extented at will. Mostly a mass wire is also added above. We have at least tried to keep the individual paths of the sub-assemblies on the same level. 06/10