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Data for Monitoring and Repair

The EU as a forerunner of extented competitive rights

Since the foundation of the EEC/EU, the economy of the member countries has changed more than the general public is aware of. In the motor vehicle area, the definition of vehicle emission is probably one of the best known regulations. However, one is trying even harder to promote competitive thinking. One point under public discussion in 2008, was e.g., the right of the state of Lower Saxony, to be able to exercise a veto right, although they only hold 20% of the shares. This will probably have to be decided by the European Court of Justice.

Inspections also possible in free workshops

Indeed, the competitive thrust of the EU has already, for quite some time now, an influence on the average driver. For years now, they have been breaking down the head-start that brand-name garages have had over the free workshops. What this means is, the guarantee is not endangered if you have the inspection done in a free workshop. However, only if their personel has been adaquately trained. Logically, the manufacturer must offer this in it's training program, and also not at exaggerated fees.

Test-, servicing and repair data must be available to free workshops

Ever since OBD II, at least in some important areas, a uniform diagnostic interface exists. The last stage, for the time being, concerns the provision of data for servicing, the exhaust gas testing and even for the repairing. From 2009 onwards, every manufacturer must, at the latest, six months after the homologation testing, have made the data available on the internet, and that, in the uniform OASIS format, making problem-free access possible from Windows- and Unix/Linux based computers. The law even states that for a period of four years, a feedback system must be installed to ensure that free access to the vehicle-relevant data is guaranteed. 12/08

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