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Customer service 1

What is a customer?

  The customer is the most important person for our enterprise, regardless of whether he has written to us, phoned us or is waiting for an answer.

  The customer is not an outsider, but a living part of our business. We do not favour him, by serving him. He is doing us a favour by giving us the opportunity to serve him.

  The customer is not dependent on us, we are rather dependent on him.

  The customer is not an interruption of our work, he is the reason for our work.

  The customer is someone, who comes to us with his wishes. Our obligation is to fulfill, his expectations:

- high quality work
- correct, honest prices - attentive service - fair, reliable information - patience and politeness.

is our motto
your KLC-Partner

Fa. KLC, Frechen, Germany


If the old adage is still valid, that he who pays the piper, may also decide what music is played, then the customer would have to be such a person. Regardless of how well a company functions, on the bottom line, the amount of satisfied and solvent customers determines the business development. The physical premises of modern automobile companies has changed a great deal. The sales area has substantially increased in comparison to the workshop area, nowadays the method of presentation has even more the character of an event. This means, one should feel comfortably at ease, because only in when in a good mood, is the customer willing to take out his/her wallet.

How it works

One could always notice it with car sales-people. Although partially very highly qualified, this was not a central part of their occupational requirements. It is more a matter of listening to the customer and of building up a congenial atmosphere. The customer who is getting good service has the right to look at the world from his point of view, and should be disturbed only if absolutely necessary, even then, only with a great deal of discretion and diplomacy. Therefore, it seems, particularly once the technical questions have been clarifed, that being a good listener is of paramount importance.

It is also very important, in everyday life, outside the bounds of the company, not to underestimate people. Particularly not, when it comes to their perception ability. There are employees who think that they can make fun of certain customers behind their backs without damaging their relationship. A grave error, even the most ignorant motor car 'expert' can be a very good judge of character. He can read, from facial expression and body language, just what one thinks of him, and makes his moves - often enough - as a result of this feeling.

Therefore, it not only depends on the clothes you wear and the friendly tone, but also on your attitude and composure. If the relationship to your colleagues, the company and the products is still good, then actually, nothing stands in the way of successful customer service.

The best service to the customer is apparent if he/she is especially difficult. Possibly, the comparison to a lion-tamer may be helpful. In the end, it makes no sense whatsoever to confront the other directly with your own opinion. Rather, a lot of patience and instinct is required, which by the way, also often makes shared aggravation between two colleagues and/or their superiors easier. Humor can also be good a method, but, take care, the customer may never have, even vaguely, the feeling, that he/she is being made fun of. In some cases, it can even be necessary to show difficult customers where the limits are. In the case of impossible wishes or insults, although one should never repay with the same coin, a distinct stand-offishness is probably the correct behaviour. After such an experience, the normal cases may seem to you, to be even more positive. 03/10

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