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  Computing for beginners 4

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Although we're approaching you here as beginners (experts may now leave), we would still like to point out a particular path. We'd like you to show a little creativity. Whatever you need to do this, is already installed on your computer:

1. The browser that you're using to read these lines,
2. A simple editor, e.g., the one in Windows Accessories.
3. An overview of your file-system, e.g., Windows-Explorer.

This explanation is not intended for an internet web-site, it's something just for you and you'll be surprised to see how much is actually possible. We promise to keep our instructions as simple as possible, even if the experts may look down their noses. The only thing that's important to us, is that you are proud of what you've achieved. Our reputation is based on having way over 10.000 pages, one of which you're reading right now.

The first step is to open your editor and type in a sentence or even better, a heading. If you add 'htm' after the full-stop and save it to a specially prepared folder, the next time you open Windows Explorer, all you need to do is to click on the file and the heading will appear on your browser-screen.

This in fact, is the basic principle of a web-site, indeed this will only run on your computer. So, now for some cosmetics: In front of the heading, type in '<font size=4>' and after the heading '', after saving the changes, this will then appear somewhat larger. The size-number of course, can be freely chosen. All you now need, is the 'F5' key, for your browser to automatically load the page that you've just saved.

A Boldface font is generated by placing the prefix '<b>' after the font size and then closing it again with '</b>'. Please note that the correct syntax is all important.

Correct: '<font size=4><b>...</b></font>',
Wrong: '<b><font size=4>...</b></font>'.

So, now you should be able to write pages and pages of text. All that's missing now, is the paragraph command, which is simply '<br>'. Of course, text without pictures is pretty boring. For this, there is the command '<img src="" alt="" border="0" width="" height="" align="">', to start with however, you only need '<img src="" border="0" align="">' Copy the picture in jpg-format (provisionally) into the same folder as your html-text and place the name of the picture between the quotation marks.

Should the picture be narrower than the text, you can place the expressions 'top', 'left' or 'right' between the quotation marks of the 'align=' command. Experiment a little with this and you'll see that it's even easier than in 'Word'.

Before you ask the question, why we haven't done all this up to now using either Office or Open Office, here's a little highlight for the first lesson. Copy the following text to the bottom of your page:

'<a name="Video"><iframe title="YouTube video player" width="450" height="280" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>'

As you can see, you now have a video at the bottom of your page. According to the newest European judicial findings, the embedding of such a video is perfectly legal, if it is publically accessible. This is the case with YouTube. You are allowed to upload such a video from the internet. We however, don't.

Now, how does one replace one video with another? You replace the comment 'UJore87vI1Y' with the one shown at the top in the address field which appears when playing a YouTube video. This is placed after the '=' or between the '=' and a '&'. You simply copy- and save it from YouTube, to the respective line on your HTML-page.

To finish with, here are a few samples of what we've managed to produce up to now, using HTML and Javascript:

1. Incorporating your own videos
2. Wheel change-simulation,
3. Interactive circuit diagrams,
4. Tyre-calculation. 01/15

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