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Rotary Engine (drive)


Yes, this is it; the first Wankel engine in a full, four door saloon car, the NSU Ro 80. Unfortunately, produced in 1967 by a relatively small firm. The car features two rotors which are each fed via a side-draught carburettor by a diaphragm pump. In this case there are also two separate air filters. It uses a normal ignition distributor for four cylinders. The first cars even feature two ignition distributors with twin-plug ignition (two spark plugs per rotor).

Even if this engine does not have as many side aggregates as a modern engine today, nevertheless, you can recognise its compactness. Thanks to a small liquid radiator and the generator arranged beside the engine a for that time low bonnet is possible. The lubrication is interesting, as it consists of a combination of oil sump (see the dipstick) and mixture lubrication. 06/08