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Driving 4 - Accident Prevention

The reason why accident prevention is (almost) always treated like a stepchild in operational actions, is probably because of the emphasis (or lack thereof) in our minds. In the last few years, even the environment protection has achieved a higher status. Even though the results of botched-up accident prevention are connected directly to pain and suffering, if not worse.

Perhaps it is because of the way such incidents are communicated afterwards, often enough, the more stupid the action, the more of a hero one is. It probably wasn't serious enough. Hints from workmates on the subject of accident prevention are seldom welcome, when at all. As long as nothing is changed, hanging up signs and printing pamphlets is not going to help much.

Accident prevention, the all-time side-issue. One can observe it in oneself. certainly, one is impressed if one comes across the scene of an accident by chance. Should the undertaker be necessary, one will probably drive home particularly carefully. However, how long does this last? To me, it seems like the planning of a bank robbery, no-one gave any thought to how many years one would spend in jail, if things went wrong.

Colleagues returning from a seminar on accident prevention, report on the highly polished techniques which were used during tuition. Hardly any other course was better. However, the actual content of the course seems irrelevant in view of the fantastic presentation. I remember a first-aid course, where a slide was shown of a liter of blood distributed over a flight of stairs. I wonder if I'll think about that the next time I thoughtlessly use a sharp knife.

The environmental protection has received distinctly more acceptance, since through non-fulfilment drastic punishment was pronounced, even going as far as closing down the operation. Would similar action help in the case of accident prevention? Perhaps not, as long as the internet presents pictures of a person standing on the forks of a fork-lift, while it is being raised by a second person. 03/10

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