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  Engine Damage

Basically, there are two types of engine damage. For one, we have the slow degeneration, which causes the engine lose power or the sound of the engine to change. Typical examples are the siezing-up caused by the lack of lubrication or the internal soot build-up. On the other hand, it may just give a jerk and stop working or make a loud noise before it dies. This would be the case if the timing-belt or chain were to break.

What is important with engine damage, is a close examination, this however, should not be too elaborate. Should one have to buy a new engine, or even a new car, these extra expenses would have to be added to the total costs as well. Another point is also, not to limit the extent of the analysis to the direct damage itself, much more useful would be a comprehensive picture of the general wear and tear. A perfect repairing of the cylinder head isn't going to make much sense, if the crank mechanism has also seen better days.

Compression pressure test
Compression test
Pressure loss measurement
Workshop testing device
Injection signal
Fault - Ignition
Performance test bench

What we're after, is a consistent, harmonious picture. This may also mean keeping an eye on the market for somewhat more expensive Diesel-engined cars. With the prices of used cars as low as they are now, this could be a worthwhile alternative to the relatively high prices being asked by the workshops. Just sitting around and waiting for a solution to the problem, without being prepared in any way, is just like in everyday life, probably the worst solution.

Cylinder head-repair
Cylinder block-measuring
Work on the Diesel engine
Testing the injectors
Common Rail
American V8

Is a repair still worthwhile? Would perhaps, if the costs were similar, a complete solution from the manufacturers be preferable? E.g., the cylinder heads have become more and more complicated. In the past, the workshop may have worked hand-in-hand with a company, that specialised in such work, e.g., a cylinder head-grinding shop. Nowadays, this has become more difficult. Should here, not only plane-grinding be done, but also a thorough reconditioning, one may be better advised to make a complete replacement, even though it may be a bit more expensive.

Sometimes there's no other way to do it, because the manufacture doesn't actively support the reconditioning, that means, no spare parts are provided. This is not only the case with luxury cars. It is e.g., the case with the VW-Polo engines, even the loosening and re-tightening of the crankshaft bolts is not permitted. The decision to fit a works-rebuilt engine, is seen much less critically, if at the same time, a more expensive new engine is on offer. As a rule, the re-build is also made up largely from new parts and is thus tested, so that the buyer remains on the safe side for a long time. 12/13

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