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This is exactly the right car for the tailor-made luggage-sets by Louis Vuitton, the car is elegant, expensive and it has unusually little luggage space. There's just enough room for two travelling bags and a briefcase, indeed, there is also a protective covering for clothes.

That's what comes out, when there's an electric motor up front combined with a mid-mounted combustion engine. At least the Carbon-Black luggage series is tuned to the real carbon used in the vehicle. You more than likely have already seen a Louis Vuitton suitcase with the famous Damier "chess-board" pattern, probably in brown colour shades with various symbols.

More about Louis Vuitton at wikipedia.

Whether that which you have seen is actually the genuine thing, is another story, because this is one of the most frequently copied designs. In our case, it is shown completely in black. The owners are particularly proud of the famous Louis Vuitton pad-locks.

Luggage-sets have a long tradition, they are in fact, almost as old as the motor car itself. They played a particular role, at the time when cars didn't have access to the luggage compartment from behind. In some cases, the sometimes enormous suitcases were carried by servants and simply fastened on to the rear of the vehicle. These were often supplied by the manufacturer, otherwise they had to be tailor-made.

Below you can see the typical luggage-sets of the post war era, where, because of the rounded lids and the unwieldy spare-wheels, loading the car was still a difficult procedure. Above you can see, how a Mercedes 300 was thus properly loaded. The sets were particularly helpful in the case of sports cars with boots that were small and often divided into two sections (Porsche 356).

Here you can see the perfect solution to the luggage-problem. The Maybach boot is of course, large enough, indeed, one was worried that the hotel-staff might damage the paint-work when loading and unloading the suitcases. For this reason, there was a protective covering which was draped over the boot opening. After the loading was done, it was simply folded over the suitcases.

Nowadays, suitcases often have a further meaning. Like other fan-articles, they now also serve to increase brand consciousness. It's interesting to see, how discreetly the expensive brands are presented and how inconspicuous their logo has been placed. There are of course exceptions, e.g., the second luggage-set from Ferrari. 01/15

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