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Car Purchase 4 - Journalist's Language

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When people pick up a motoring magazine in the doctor's rooms, the motoring journalists are in for a hard time. Capturing attention, that seems, not only in this respect, to be the order of the day. During this process, some develop into genuine writers, far too good to be dealing with anything like motor vehicle technology.

For a long time now, describing the facts in a way that everyone understands, has obviously become too banal. The description, e.g., of the handling characteristics, must at the same time, be lifted to another level. 'Whether the [Mercedes] CLS likes curves'? Well, it certainly doesn't reject them from its numerous highlights'. Can you even think of a better way to put it?

It would be too profane, to write that the CLS doesn't mind curves at all. Whereby, it's open to discussion, whether or not it even has a choice. In this case and without a doubt, the innuendo is the bedside, probably not as often, but much more interesting than highlights. Indeed, where there's a will, there's a way, and if something doesn't fit in, it will be made to fit in.

Sometimes it gets really serious. If someone speaks of 'virtually bone-shaking perfection', he is in a state of literary ecstasy and has obviously lost control. Just now, where there is a period of numerous wars- and the misery of the multitude of refugees caused by them, the author gives the impression that the worst thing that has ever happened to him/her, is that he/she had missed the intercity train.

Some journalists probably spend too much time surfing in Wikipedia. The expression 'euphemism', among others, is being confused with 'extenuation'. Is that then, sufficient reason to write: 'Those who wish to, can euphemise the set-up as being sporty, which is absolutely applicable'. The word which should have been used is of course, 'describe'. If something is 'absolutely applicable' it is no longer a euphemism.

Very bad gaffes can sometimes be found in the news-in-brief. A member of the staff of a daily newspaper (we won't mention any names), was publically denounced, because he fell asleep at the wheel of a Rolls-Royce which was borrowed for the purpose of test-driving it. The fact that such behaviour is inexcusable, goes without saying. However, so-called professional journalism should excel itself through quality and not through denunciation. 10/14

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