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The buying and selling of cars increases in spring. We, as advertisers also notice it. Perhaps the rising temperatures or the awakening of nature plays a part. When buying a new car, there is also the thought, that the car must be delivered before the annual holidays start.

Most of the buyers can raise only a part of the price in cash. You can see a video on the subject of leasing below. We'll stay with the possibility of financing the purchase. The basic consideration however, should be, can one manage to pay the instalments and the inevitable extra- and maintenance cost over the entire period.

Unfortunately, the possible risks are often not taken into consideration. E.g., how certain is your job or the chance of you getting another one? A car that is completely owned, can be unregistered, which means, on condition that one has somewhere to park it (not on a public roadside), it doesn't strain the budget for that period. One could also sell it or even give it away, because it won't do the car any good to just stand there without being used.

Now, let's assume, that you've made a rational decision regarding the car and how much money you can spend. At this point, you're still not in the clear. Since the financing must be broken down into down-payment and instalments, all together, in car-costs and extra-costs. Although at the moment, the interest rates are low, all that really matters, is the complete package.

What you can do now, is to start calculating. Remember, 'percent' doesn't mean percent but 'per hundred'. How does this change in the following years of the contract? Each year you will have paid off a certain amount, is there not then a difference in the basic value? 03/15               Top of page               Index
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