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Driving 2 - Women drivers

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We apologize for the corny title, but also this should be kept in mind. After all, there's no fun in writing purely for the archives. Perhaps with this we can tempt a few contemporaries, who may be amused by the pictures of spectacular accidents, all of course, caused by women. Indeed, we must admit, that converting these guys would probably be a mission impossible.

That much said, let's straight to a subject, that even now, still has to be brought to attention. Perhaps you'll agree with me when I say, there is no such thing as the typical women driver. There are certainly women who hinder the traffic-flow, exactly the same as there are men who drive with hats on (perhaps also a biased prejudice). However, sometimes I now find, that there are also women who tailgate me, which used to be an exclusive attribute of the male driver.

Are women the typical convertible-car buyers, or is this something, more for the older generation of men? Perhaps one could say, that women are less interested in the high-powered upper- range cars than men are, at least, if one can believe the advertising. Perhaps they have more of a tendency towards sensible cars, hopefully, not mocked as 'motorised shopping carts'. Nonetheless, more and more women can be seen behind the wheel of (also luxury) sports-cars and, not only for a test-drive.

After all, these cars are nowadays, much more user-friendly than they used to be, earlier, to operate the clutch, one would have to have completed a course in bodybuilding. Hopefully, the last salesmen of this type of vehicle has finally got the message, that women as potential buyers are to be taken seriously. The advertising for the upper-range models still has a great deal to catch up on. Worse than the selling aspect were, untill recently, the workshops, who found it very difficult to really accept a women as a discriminating client.

Does one still have to talk about the lack of equal rights in the motor branch at all? Is womanhood as an 'impediment' still even a question? An impediment which should enrich our society, even without having to perform any special services? Yes, it needs to be further encouraged and is still far from being completed. At least not in the minds of a great many men. Google “women drivers” and then click on “pictures”, you'll see what we're getting at.

In the workshops, for some time now, women can be found as employees. It was maybe 20 years ago (perhaps even 30), that the first women applied for jobs as motor-mechanics. They showed a brilliant theoretical knowledge and were very keen to learn the ropes. This has also dwindled. Perhaps one can recognize the emancipation best by the fact that, in the meantime, there are also women among those who have failed the journeyman exams.

Let's stick to the positive balance. Women have not only conquered the motor car- and particularly the two-wheeler sector, for some time now there are female mechanics in the utility-vehicle field as well. There are also (larger) workshops, which are in fact, run by women bearing the status of master-mechanics. Unfortunately, in the upper echelons they are only seldom present. Where are the women in the upper- and top-management positions? The T-Online company has demonstrated that does work by appointing two women to the board of directors in one sweep. In the motor business, it's still very much a man's business.

Let's now summarise: More than 90 percent of all middle-aged women are in possession of a driver's licence. There is no longer any dominant stigma. Modern technology assists the allegedly weaker woman in all possible masculine domains. Problems can still be found in the astonishingly backward advertising world, above all from the manufacturers of nobel marques and by the personell decisions made at management level. 07/11

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