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Driving 9 - Driving simulators

There is the philosophical side of idealism. Very simply expressed: nothing really exists, everything is just fiction. Thus e.g., communication with others, means that it only takes place in my own consciousness. This works quite well until the question arises, whether one is in fact him-/herself a reality, and how or whether one can explain having perceptions which are common with those of others.

Potential coach-travellers may have a similar feeling, if they are on the road for weeks on end. Am I still really travelling through the countryside or is the scenery being projected onto the bus-windows? Apparently there are even gamers, who get up at a certain time, just like long distance truckers do, to do the tour from Hamburg to Rotterdam - on a computer.

The more professional automobile area, is rather semi-virtual. One shouldn't be surprised to hear about suspension test-benches, on which a complete rear axle can do a lap around the Nürburgring. At AMG, there is a similar test-bench for the engines. Presumably for visitors, where one can see the car skidding around the course and simultaneously hear the screaming engine.

The progress made in simulation, can be clearly seen in the videos. Driving schools can only afford the steering wheel, gearshift, pedals and monitors. The manufacturers use hydraulics, to increase the feeling of actually sitting in a car. By the way, there are also movable platforms onto which the complete car is mounted.

What remains, are only the advancements made in autonomous driving, and do you know where this can end up? At some point, we and our luggage, will be dematerialised and sent to our destinations through the telephone cables, to be reassembled on the other side. For those who find all this a bit too virtual, they can redo the journey later on in the simulator.

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