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  Presenting it better

If you're the type who enjoys changing their cars often, then you'll know all too well, the used car market is brutallly hard. One can only afford this indulgence, if each time, one also buys used cars himself. You may already have your own special experiences. If not, we have here a series of articles on this subject.

This is actually, all about the selling of a used car. Despite the number of changes that have taken place in this field, e.g., the Internet, most people have one common desire: Before they buy, they want to see and test drive the car. A wise decision.

So, it does make sense, to do-, or to have a bit of work done on the car to be sold. If this concerns replacing worn out parts, don't expect the potential buyer to see this as a bonus. The question is in fact, if you mention this, is whether he/she would be more inclined to buy or whether he/she would be suspicious.

As you can see, it's all about getting the car to look good. You can also have this done by special companies, which is not that expensive either, indeed, if your target is financial gain, it would be better to do the job yourself. After all, the whole thing wouldn't make sense, if after taking off your expenses, the same selling price is achieved.

So, the best thing to do is, after running the car through the car-wash, roll up your sleeves and give it a good polish. Whether or not this has an effect, will be seen after a bit of buffing-up with a soft cloth. If there is no residue on the cloth, then you probably haven't achieved much. By the way, be careful not to treat any plastic surfaces with car-polish.

More and more 'glass parts', e.g, the headlights, the tail-lights and others, are now made of plastic. If they are scratched, it is advised to ensure their flawless functioning, that they are treated with special substances, which nowadays, are amazingly effective. Sometimes there is work to be done on the exterior, because replaced parts, e.g., wing-mirror covers, the colour has to be matched to the paintwork.

Just by the way: don't make the mistake of declaring your vehicle to be accident free, if any larger area, such as a mudguard, has been resprayed. There are courts who won't accept the expression 'accident free', even though no extensive bodywork repair has taken place. Our suggestion: put down in the sales contract 'accident free excepting for ', that will keep you on the safe side.

Wheel-rim cleaners can work wonders. Indeed, the eye sometimes picks things up that can't be reached by hand. This is why we recommend that the wheel is taken off. Of course, when mounting again, you'll need a (simple) torque wrench. Should the tyres have been balanced on the rim, it would be a good idea to mark each wheel before removing it.

Have a look under the bonnet as well. The engine compartment is easier to clean, when instead of having it done in the car-wash, you use the services of a do-it-yourself place. As you can see, we're extending your activities more and more. Before you start washing the engine with a great deal of liquid, it might be a good idea to find out whether your car's engine belongs to those which react allergically to water, after a good cleaning, it may be difficult, or impossible to start.

In this case, help may be found in special cleaners, perhaps also those which are designed for motorcycle engines. Bear in mind however, that a recently cleaned engine can cause the potential buyer to be mistrustful, he/she may suspect that you're trying to hide any oil-leaks. It would be a better idea, to check this at regular intervals or at least, clean it up some time before the planned viewing appointment.

This is also valid for the removing of any blemishes inside the car, e.g., on the upholstery. Some spots have the unpleasant nature of reappearing after a certain time. The buyer would prefer to have the impression, that the vehicle has been constantly well cared for by the previous owner. Normally, the buyer's have an aversion to buying a smoker's car, even if it's been prettied up very recently.

As far as the interior is concerned, be careful when using interior-care products. Some of them don't only clean, e.g., the dashboard, but make it obvious that a special substance has been applied. Before using such a product, test it on a place that can't be directly seen, remember your target is getting the car into an almost new condition, don't overdo it. 08/13               Top of page               Index
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