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Driving 11 - Co-driver

Granted, the theme is inspired by the latest edition of the German weekly newspaper Zeit. But already this confession ensures that a partial takeover of text is impossible. We have always wanted to write something about it here and found now an occassion.

Also we want to handle the theme more rigorously, not so sociologically and cite all possible interlocutors. So if you occasionally or frequently in the passenger seat sit and therefore would like to derive any rights, then please do not continue to read. You spoil only your mood.

The first important statement reads namely: The driver is always right, as long as she/he is active on the driving seat. All facial expressions, gestures or even hissing sounds are to be omitted. Comments anyway. The most blessed is 'Look out!', especially useful in an already challenging driving situation. It is still increasable by 'Mind what you're doing!'

If you have then already broken these rules of conduct as a passenger, there is the saying: 'don't upset yourself!', that breaks the camel's back finally!. Possibly be violent, of course, not against the driver, but against the car. It is only one single situation conceivable in which one may grip into the steering wheel as a co-driver, if the health of people is directly threatened, and you are reasonably sure that the driver does not react.

It is best to behave as neutral as possible. Preferably refrain from praise what e.g. could encourage younger drivers to bolder actions and older unnecessarily disappointed once it does not take place. Even praise can be interpreted as dirigiste. And just do not try to show or to feign basic trust by perhaps simulated sleep.

Bear in mind, no one has forced you on the passenger seat at gunpoint. You have, so to speak voluntarily leave to the mercy of this more or less good driving skills. In the extreme case, but only case of a driver hitherto is unknown to you, we would concede that you be allowed to get out.

Particularly tricky is probably the partly enforced by the legislator accompaniment of novice drivers. Here special care is called for. Even case of questions of the proband, emotions should be deferred very far. Indeed, there are people who use questions to say what they have always wanted to get rid of. Certainly, this is not the time and place thereto.

Yes when then, you may ask. But also not shortly before beginning the journey. No of course not. But there are certainly moments in which you can get rid of cautious advices, preferably without third parties. My father,although blessed with manifold driving experience has given me, in principle, only one advice, namely angular curves (there is such a thing?) slightly to take from the outside. Not only did I keep this advice, but also exactly the place where it was given to me.

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