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XPeng P7

What kind of company is this? According to Bloomberg News, at the turn of the year 21/22 the head of XPeng announced his intention to take over Tesla. So it is by no means coincidental that the new P7 looks like this, and from the side it can certainly be confused with one.

Which Tesla? If you take its interior design, it is not as deliberately spartan as that of the Model 3, with which it shares the small tailgate. The is also responsible for the luggage compartment which reach far inside. For the length, the hatchback brings a little less knee room in front of the rear seats.

After all, the glass roof extends far back, which promises the greatest possible headroom. No, despite the display behind the steering wheel, it is not comparable to the Model S, because then it would have to have a large flap at the back. In any case, it does not come close to its dimensions and, above all, the price.

Despite voice input in Chinese, you notice the speed of the answers.

As is currently being learned from Norway, it is even slightly cheaper when comparing the Performance models with the Model 3. As tests by Björn Nyland show, it can also score points in terms of consumption, presumably due to its good cW value. He also praises it for its travel comfort.

RWD with 196 kW (267 hp), 390 Nm, battery: also 60,2 or 70,8 kWh.

It's just tuned a little less sporty than the Model 3. And it should also be quieter, although it also has frameless windows. The charging could not be tested yet, since in the corresponding vehicles still the Chinese system were installed. However, 100,000 P7 had already been manufactured there up to and including March of this year.

What a company! Apparently it's also trying his hand at flying taxis. One advertises with Iinsulated Gate Bipolar Transistors from Infineon, according to their own statements, achieves almost 81 kWh net for the battery a weight of less than 500 kg and a height of only 11 cm. The electrical equipment is compared point by point with that of the Model S and 3.

Almost everyone advertises with Level 2 for autonomous driving, but XPeng already wants to have the complete hardware equipment for Level 3 installed: 14 external cameras, 5 radar and 12 ultrasonic sensors. Appropriate software would then be available over the air after approval in individual countries. Unclear if Level 3 is already allowed in China.

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