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Even if not all of the announcements of Xpeng's Ceo should come true, the company is growing into a tough competition. But the boss seems very serious. But you can still assume that two of his promises are perhaps a bit exaggerated, the range, as with almost all e-car providers, and the price. But after all, the smaller model is already 16,000 times on the streets of China and a whole series of Xpeng deposits to the east and south.

The company exists since 2014 and currently has two vehicles in production. The G3 is a 4.45 m long compact SUV with front-wheel drive. It is available with 51 and 66 kWh battery capacity. It promises a range of up to 520 km and a charging time at 120 kW from 30 to 80 percent in half an hour. The absolute scoop is the price of 18,000 to 28,000 euros, regardless of whether subsidies have already been deducted or not.

The Chinese are obviously very fond of software. Alternatively, a complete voice control system is available for operation. You can also access the entire Internet from your car. It can supposedly find a parking space for itself and drive into it, regardless of whether the driver has already left the car. Autonomous driving to level 3 should be possible soon.

Bjørn Nyland shows in his videos not only an impressive load volume but also crazy things the car can do. For example, the seat belt is tightened not only in accidents, but also when cornering a bit faster and driving too close to the edge. But he thinks that in the long run this can also get on your nerves. The camera on the roof of better equipped versions can follow the driver and even take orders.

Take a look at the videos at the bottom of the page. You can see the more attractive dashboard compared to a Model 3 and still find some Tesla features. Nyland even determines the weight of the car at 1,720 kg.

Xpeng still offers the P7, a fully-grown sedan, with a wheelbase of 3 m and a length of 4.88 m, 20 cm longer than a Model 3. 31,000 to 52,000 euros is also the asking price for Europe told by the boss himself. And that with 81 kWh battery capacity. It should even be rechargeable from 0 to 100 percent in an hour. It is available with an engine with 196 kW (267 hp) or with two and 316 kW (430 hp), where it will then compete with Tesla's normal models in terms of acceleration.

China has specific advantages in terms of charging infrastructure. There are already about 1 million charging points that can also be used by older electric cars, all to the same standard. Internet payment is also much more developed. One scans, clicks and the payment process is completed, so that one can assume very simple loading processes.

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