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For a prototype it looks pretty proper. It is of course not one of the three originals, the have been scrapped after the construction of thirty cars. It is a replica from 2000.

But its driving skills are preserved, the good and the bad. For instance the copy has almost no straight-line and must be corrected still often. It is, also due to the high payload (with the low kerb weight), suspended brick hard, what brings not necessarily better grip in this case.

But still, the sound of the engine already is similar to the later so familiar sound. The other expressions of the drive are not fundamentally different from those known to us. It was always fairly quick, but never excessive stormy.

Transmissions are in general not synchronized at the time. But did you get used to it, there is no problem, at least, keep the car moving. There's even a speedometer to 100 km/h, although the car under favorable conditions creates slightly more.

The overview, however, is extremely bad. Although there are very, very few high-top-mounted traffic lights at that time, the upper edge of the windshield is far too low. Backwards one is looking through a window to the engine compartment and there by a few cooling air vents to the outside.

Outside rear view mirrors were not common even after the war. And also doors that open to the front. Also, seats made of metal pipe are not to criticize for the projected mini price. Strange, the combination of one (!) miniature-wiper and wooden steering wheel. Overall, the car looks inside the later Beetle significantly less similar than from outside.

And where the red color comes from is not to discover well. The expected probably not be the original, the colours were darker. Later, the front hood will grow strongly in front aheadis a large scale and reduce the rear in almost equal measure. Strange, how much it has changed until the start of the modest series production around 1940. 03/12

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