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1950 VW Transporter History

Originally, the bodywork of type 29 is thought on a Beetle chassis but this proves to be too weak. This gives already the first VW Transporter a self-supporting body. The takes, however, the original Beetle-assemblies almost exactly like the platform frame. With the planned payload of 750 kg (kerb weight of the Beetle!) brakes and spring system, respectively shock absorbers must be reinforced.

Look at the front. It is the result of wind tunnel tests. When the air already can not escape up and down, it should do it right and left. The two windscreens therefore form an angle, the front is rounded. Supposedly, one reaches a drag coefficient of 0.44, what also the next two (!) generations can not better.

In total there are probably only four prototypes. Crash tests are still not common. After all, the result can be seen. Much space above the engine is required for the spare wheel. Here the future development will have a lot to do, until the rear cargo floor has reached the level of the normal bottom.

After several demonstration cars the production begins in March 1950. After two vans on the first day the production increases to 10. A month later the station wagon, the year after it is also available as Samba bus. Then the pickup with an open box is in production.

History VW-van
1947The importer Pon has a brilliant idea ...
1950Start series production
1951Bus with quarterlight
1954Van number 100.000
1956Production moves
from Wolfsburg to Hannover
1958Pick-up with double cabin
1959Engines produced in Hannover
196025 kW (34 HP) and
fully synchronised transmission
19621 Mio. vans
19682 Mio. vans
19713 Mio. vans, 1,7-liter flat engine
19774,5 Mio. vans
1980T3 with Diesel engine
1982VW-Caddy, T3 with "waterboxer"
1983First Caravelle
19866 Mio. vans
1989VW Taro (take-over from Toyota)
1996LT 2, Caddy Van
19978 Mio. Vans

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