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2015 VW T6

Approximate 12 million units have been sold in 65 years, alone the T5 sold just under 12 million. It was called the 'T6', although actually, together with the predecessor, it underwent the least spectacular changes. Some testers describe the T6 as being a facelifted T5. Presumably the transporter had found its designation and spectacular improvements were hardly possible.

So, what is actually new? At first sight, the headlamps are, particularly when they're switched on. Below is an opening from one side to the other which emphasises the width and somewhat conceals the box-shape which of course promises the maximum load area, indeed, in the delivery van, it is quite sensibly unpainted (picture 8). In this case, the two-tone paint job with the light coloured roof does possibly help, indeed this has always been available, but only in the almost € 5000 more expensive variation with a metallic-finish.

Indeed, this is a general advantage of the new one, as are also perhaps the relatively few changes. It will probably be more reasonably priced, at least in the basic versions. In addition and surprisingly, they will also be available with a two-tone paint job. Retro design also in the Micro-bus special model, the 'Generation SIX'. Added to this, are the particularly modern two-tone wheel-rims and the so-called 'Decoration elements' found in the dashboard.

Actually, the extra money could be more sensibly spent, because among these fittings, is, apart from the darkened windows, the LED-technology front and rear and a chrome-package. It's a miracle that the engineers could still create this wide a span in what is basically only one model. On the one hand, we have the building workers with mud on their shoes and throwing scaffolding poles into the car, and on the other hand, a shuttle service for prominent figures.

Not only does the electrically opening and closing tailgate fit in with the latter, or e.g., the aluminum panel in the dashboard and of course, the more than 6 inch touch screen, which can be operated from a distance thus avoiding fingerprints on the surface. A suitably filled SD-card guarantees almost limitless music enjoyment. Of course the music and other things can also be supplied via USB. It also has a connection to a Smartphone or tablet.

Oh yes, this type of vehicle does also need an engine. In this case, at least on the surface, not much has changed. Only that the choice of Diesel engines has been so widely upward spread as far as performance is concerned, that the Diesel doesn't play second fiddle to the petrol driven model at all. If it is in fact true, that certain variations have a standard consumption of as much as one litre less, this should have an influence on the everyday consumption.

Distance control
City-emergency brake function
Multi-collision brake
Camera controlled high beam
Attention Assist
Radio dependent voice amplification
Trailer Stabilisation
Hill Start Assist*

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