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1979 VW Bus - the last rear engine

Although the VW bus is already there as a front-wheel drive, the T3 is still available nearly 2 years, from South Africa even more significantly longer. But with the last 2,500 well-equipped Bullis, the era of rear-engined transporters is finally over in Germany.

The main advantage of the last is its square, compact form for parking and use of the interior space. Also can be ordered with it already modern extras such as air conditioning and five-speed gearbox. The heating has improved compared to the air-cooled, although almost 18 liters of coolant for the whole system are necessary.

Which brings us to the disadvantages. The unfavorable air resistance punishes mercilessly fast driving with the diesel and also slow driving with the petrol engine. Undoubtedly, the good driving characteristics can not conceal the crosswind sensitivity and oversteer in extreme situations.

Although the engine needed less and less space in course of development, still it is - as the successor shows - better off the front than rear, not only for the at VW Bulli exceptionally high caravan percentage. And its angular form points significantly on the design of the 80s. Maybe the new even slightly less prone to rust in the joints on the outside and can with more generous displacement reduce the engine load.

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