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2010 VW Transporter T5

It has since been sold more than 8 million times. This refers to the complete model series of the car actually named VW type 2 since 1950, that has the abbreviation 'T5' in the meantime. Typical of the T5 is the unspectacular manner with which it has changed and is being further developed.

From his predecessor already, it took over front wheel drive with transverse engine. Also the possibility of an all-wheel-drive has not changed, only the change of the transfer case from unregulated viscous coupling on intelligent Haldex of the second or third generation.

Box van cheaper than delivery van with naked chassis.

Granted, the type 2 was never cheap, not even when it was still called T1 or T2. For about 28,000 euros, there is the T5 with a bare chassis rear. Amazing 1,000 euro cheaper the panel van and 2,000 euros more expensive the van with glass panes all around. However, the then already has 8 seats and additional heating in the rear.

After that it starts with the variants. There is the flat-bed truck, optional with single or double cabin and the whole ensemble so far called again with a longer wheelbase. The short version has about the dimensions of an E- class Mercedes, the longer 40 centimeters more. There are three heights, beginning with just garage friendly scarce two meters.

Incredibly, where all the engines are gone, because there is for diesel and petrol each only a base engine, a four-cylinder with two liters of displacement. Only two performance levels 110/150 kW (150/204 HP)includes the petrol engine and the diesel engine five from 62 kW (84 HP) to 132 kW (180 HP).

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