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VW Transporter T5

It will be time once again to adjust the van/bus to the now established technologies. The special powerful turbo diesel direct injection engines also has already received the predecessor. Now is added an advanced body design in principle adopted from the car.

There of the old frame remains almost nothing left. The framework of the construction significantly carry with. Just look at the change on the front axle. The previous had torsion bars, which were based off at the most stable part at that time the bottom. The T5 has MacPherson struts, which end in the spring domes and therefore already one higher level.

The with the same weight much more high-tensile metal sheets carry the high group. The solid metal sheets with the same weight much more solid sustain the laminate. Thereby the bottom is again lowered and the weight of the carcass has been reduced based on the size. Why do one this not notice at the empty weight? Because the (large) wheel base of the T5 corresponds almost the length of the first VW type 2.

With other words, the new van/bus is again grown. And has increased in comfort, e.g. by the air conditioner, which earlier did not exist (up to and including T3) or only as an option (T4). Also at the sliding door you can see the development step since the T2. It is completely new constructed with almost invisible bars and may from the driver's seat or by remote control electrically opened/closed and be drawn.

The weight thereby also can not decrease because there are seats, which can be placed almost anywhere in the interior and have their own seat belts. There will be already required a proper stability, which can be noticed for example when rebuilding. If then come a second sliding door, folding and center table with gas spring, you know what all go along for the trip.

Conversely, the gearshift lever has become almost a joystick. It is now part of the dashboard and yet within easy reach. So you can easily change between all seats. If you sit once, you will be surrounded from the front/the side by the security system of the T5, which reaches to the ceiling. For use when you make a stop there again rotating seats and for families child-proof lock.

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