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1990 VW Transporter T4

The revolution for the van is slightly slow in coming. Already the previous T3 could have been a front-wheel drive however, extensive studies have brought another result. Now the time is finally ready for transverse engine and front-wheel drive. Variable wheelbases are easier to realize and with the crosswind sensitivity is really the end. No luggage must be unloaded in order to get to the engine and the low cargo floor extends to the rear door.

The front drive is housed in a forwardly extended nose, good for passenger protection and low air resistance. Amazingly, the suspension is nearly maintained apart from the front torsion bars. Through various inclination angles the engines adapt to the exterior design of the front of the vehicle. Disappeared are the long pipes from the engine to the radiator. Now, two gradually switched fan are possible and even variable blinds for steerable air inlet.

The tank is located in the driving direction behind the front axle. Almost all petrol engines are already adjusted on the catalyst with lambda control, while the diesel engine still is waiting for significant developments at the date of presentation of the T4. Direct injection and turbocharging follow later.

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