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1972 VW Transporter T2

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about the wheel suspension of the T2

Soon after starting the new series the T2 changes. The front car corresponds once again full the expectations for passive safety after significant reinforcements. It is to recognize on the more stable bumpers and the high-mounted turn signals. The main American regulations have rather harmed the appearance. However, other exporters (e.g. Mercedes) are affected much more.

Already in 1970 the engines will change. To the 1.6-liter now be added a 1.7 liter flat engine from the 411. The body must easily be adapted in the rear area. Also U.S. regulations regulate the emission behavior. Also American standards regulate the emission behaviour. For this purpose a year later the 1.7 will be replaced by the 1.8 with electronic fuel injection (D-Jetronic).

Also the no longer in the United States exported 1.6 will be changed. Dual port cylinder heads ensure better filling. The oil cooler no longer impeded the cooling air stream for the third cylinder. Thermostatic intake air preheating prevents carburetor icing. The flat engine now allows brake force boosting. Also together with it a three-speed automatic transmission can be ordered.

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