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1967 VW Transporter

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No leap in development at the rear engine "Bulli" is as large as the in 1967. One has the feeling that there is a completely new car. Much light passes through the generously sized windows into the interior. Unfortunately, from the Samba Bus many well-known windows in the roof are omitted. Double curved and one-piece, the comparatively large windscreen. 10 centrimetres of extra space forward are clearly noticeable. The comfort is still increased with the new supply of fresh air.

The new comfort can be felt as early as the first few kilometers. The new longitudinal arm rear axle with double joint shafts (fig. 4) significantly upgrade the suspension. In addition, the unsprung masses are further reduced by eliminating the reduction transmission. The front axle is adjusted to the new characteristics of the spring system. Seen from the suspension the VW Transporter so achieves number 1 ahead of all competitors.

At the engine, not much has changed. But, the suspension has become softer, reducing the noise again very much. The force used is mild wherein more power would be no problem given the new suspension design. Otherwise, you will be compensated by the new dashboard. Even the parking brake is now accessible without lean forward. After all, mounting points for seat belts are installed for the first time.

Driving and maneuvering have become easier, despite a total of 15 centimeters more outside length. Contributing to the smooth steering and good visibility with the corresponding magnified mirrors. The washer system now works with compressed air to refill at each refueling. The brakes have become much safer, especially at full payload. Of a possible defect protects the two-circuit split.

In Brazil it will continue to be produced basically unchanged until 2013.

For the first time, the rear load compartment floor is lowered. Despite the engine keeps the large air box and is at least 1967, not built as a flat engine. The tank still has its place in driving direction in front of the engine. The cargo space thus has increased of volume, particularly in the rear part. In addition at least one new sliding door. In combination with a reinforced floor are even two sliding doors possible. Incidentally, the Brazilian version still has the old double door.

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