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1946 VW Transporter Forerunner

Did Ferdinand Porsche already have such an idea?

The company of the brothers Pon still manages the general import of VAG vehicles into the Netherlands. And have been for a long time. The first contacts date back to the year 1939 and the Netherlands are the first country of export for VW, starting in 1947.

And what about the VW van? Actually, it is one of the Pon brothers who presents the idea of a van on the basis of the Beetle technology at first with little success to the British and consequently with more success to the first VW manager Heinrich Nordhoff (figure 2). Of course, he is not, like with nearly every good idea - the sole originator.

Since shortly after the Second World War in 1946 there are in the factory vehicles (see figure on top), the must take over transportation tasks, because the loan from the British occupation forces means of transport was taken with their retreat, and have come about by looking for a transporter within the factory. Onto the VW Beetle chassis a loadable surface is screwed from the front up to the engine behind. Above the engine a seat bench and a steering wheel with connection to the front wheels are fastened.

Ben Pon introduces the vehicle Dutch registration authorities but fails to their opinion, the driver should be placed in front of and not behind the cargo, to have a better overview. Then Ben Pon developed the idea to relocate the space for the driver right to the front before the front wheels. It is the basic idea of the type 2. Ferdinand Porsche it has had probably earlier but one makes no demands in the postwar period and with already existing business relationships.

The sketch above in figure 2 is created by visiting the headquarters of the British military in Minden 1947, as Pon introduces his changed vision. It will still take until the end of 1948, before one will start to put into practice. Requires the installation of a civilian management of Heinrich Nordhoff at the top. Will be also played a part the monetary reform in mid-1948 because it promises a lot more buying power. 08/12