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2023 VW Touareg

Yes, it still exists, three out of four versions without an additional electric drive, even freshly revised. And as you can see in the video above, not necessarily smaller. The pure diesel drive pushes the price even below € 70,000, but from the outside it can be recognized by only four instead of six headlights.

As a petrol plug-in, it has not developed beyond 53 km (manufacturer information) with a net 14.3 kWh. Together with the more expensive mandatory equipment, it costs a good €9,000 more than the cheapest diesel. If necessary, it raises the power by 30 kW and the torque by 150 Nm. In terms of weight, it has increased by almost 400 kg.

The video above is specifically for America only. In Germany, this would only be permitted for a purely electric plug-in, because a combustion engine cannot be started from outside in this country. Speaking of electronics: Even with the combustion engines, up to three times 45W can be taken fom inside via USB-C.

The HD matrix headlights of the two high-end versions shine with an unbelievable number of 38,432 LEDs, which can probably even be switched on and off in the smallest of groups. Not too long ago we presented such a system on a new compact electric car with 'only' 14 LEDs.

Marvel at the newly designed front as a complete unit consisting of the radiator grille, headlights and front apron. What is new is that a luminous brand logo is now also permitted in Germany, e.g. in the continuous cross bar of the rear lights.

The refinements to the chassis can be demonstrated by the new sensor in the side members on the roof. They influence the control range of ESP. The Touareg is also available with active roll compensation on the stabilizers and all-wheel steering.

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