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2002 VW Touareg

To say it in advance, two things seem incompatible with the Touareg, low fuel consumption and looking for parking. You can everything else demand from this car: a rather bullish prestige, exceptional performance and enough space inside. Oh indeed, from the favorable purchase price we have not yet spoken. Yes, because it is cheaper with equivalent equipment than the Cayenne and Q7.

However, if you want to double this price, that's possible with almost no effort. Very helpful is here the above in the table not mentioned V twelve-cylinder, which is now only offered in the individual and R-Line program. This then results in a SUV, fast 250 km/h, but still needs for the terrain different tyres, otherwise runs there the 30-year-old Lada Niva off and away.

The character of the Touareg is revealed even more in the interior in which barely reminiscent of an African tribe. Upper class-feeling, so far the eye can see. How good that two persons will find place rear. It is enough air-conditioning, in which everyone really can adjust its own climate zone. You are thus reached the upper class, on the dimensions and technique clearly located above the M-Class from Mercedes.

The doubling is also in the engine sector. There the smallest diesel engine with five cylinders in series is exactly half of the largest diesel engine with ten cylinders in V-shape. It is interesting to compare the torques and performances. Despite the relatively small engine, if someone told you he is driving his Touareg with ten liters per 100 kilometers, rebuff him with pointing to the empty weight, the cross-sectional area of 2,78 m² and the air drag coefficient.

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A special highlight is the V10 TDI from approx. 60,000 €. Look at its performance and especially its torque values above. There are not just ten cylinders that achieves traction there, but also two turbochargers. Manual transmission disqualifies by itself probably already because of this torque. However, one should not expect too much in the face of its high own weight, especially when starting. No, really spontaneously like a big naturally aspirated petrol engine, the V10 TDI is not.

But it still should actually score more in the terrain. The, of course, it is doing not significantly better than it could be a V8 diesel. In this engine can be seen a lot of prestige. It is the time when VW sets off in the upper class with Touareg and Phaeton, and then such a slight exaggeration is necessary to obtain sufficient attention. After all, the jumbo can take up to 3.5 tonnes at its not always visible tow hooks.

In the drive of the two axes a fully equipped Touareg is missing nothing but a real lock for the front axle. Here the brake intervention seems to satisfy even in difficult terrain. Rear the lock can be bought additional, in the middle it is basically present, together with the low range gearing. It also does not lack the air suspension, which is here less important for comfort but rather for height adjustment. 11/14

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