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2017 VW T-ROC

If you want, you can go to the prototype of 2014 with our own video. At that time there was the hope that the serial version would come 2015, but the diesel crisis may have changed all this. If, what is to be welcomed, the new one is also offered with two-wheel drive, there is not much left of the conquest of 'Rocks'. But there's Rock'n'Roll.

What more is to be welcomed is the fact that there is not much left of the former coupé form, a slightly larger inclination of the rear window perhaps only. The luggage compartment with 446 liters is quite large. After all, it is a golf-based vehicle, but 25 cm higher. In 2014, the two colors were indicated in the sketches. One has the feeling the car is also a little designed for it.

Like the prototype, the T-ROC takes up the main exterior color in the dashboard, the front door panels and the seats, with the current version with a great display behind the steering wheel and almost even better in the middle. Outside, however, the martial look of the first sketches has given way to the Volkswagen face perhaps like the Arteon. The upper grille is completely closed for aerodynamic reasons, until now only in Blue-Motion series.

What is worth to mention is the basic equipment at around 20,000 euros including the multi-collision brake, track assist, pedestrian detection and emergency braking, but only at the city speed level. Of course, the 19 '' rims are also available, but only in two steps after having chosen for 'Sport' mode with 17 '' light metal rims.

Three petrol engines and three Diesel engines with SCR system, each 85 kW (115 hp), 110 kW (150 hp) and 140 kW (190 hp). You can almost bet on a natural gas version and, of course, a 7-speed DSG will be possible from 110 kW on. Until the Polo-based T-Cross comes, the T-Roc will be the smallest among the Volkswagen SUVs. The exact data are only available at the IAA or during the introduction in November. 08/17