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2014 VW T-ROC

Of course, the letter combination 'ROC' is only missing the 'K' at the end, then the allusion to 'rock' is perfect, the this car can cope with. But what does the 'T'? Something for 'T-Roof', with which the Americans mean two removable roof halves? No, there is no rack in the middle. The letter means quite profane the until now so successful SUVs, all beginning with 'T'.

It was bound to happen so, after a coupe as SUV (BMW X6) now a convertible. After all, the designers succeeded, to combine the open look reasonably harmonious with the burly appearance of a SUV. This includes even seat covers that look like washable synthetic leather, though from the colouring not bad. The design of the entire group seems to obtain soon again a push, Audi included.

But even this prototype can be seen as a certain turning away from the previous tendency. Short and crisp it should be, still located below the Tiguan. Inside the engineers have found a way out of too many operating elements. As touch screen it is now called directly tablet. In the T-ROC it should even be mobile.

The result is a completely new experience. One can also now through the terrain at night, must rely only on the new lighting technology, which can be guided with the camera up front by the steering. Inside, then perhaps the indicated tablet is more guide than the view through the windshield.

Much better concealed than previously the searchlights return again, at that time essential for any SUV. Of course, the camera is removable and mobile therewith. Whether you can use it all somehow, no one ever asks for long. Is it not too romantic in mild summer nights with convertible feeling wade through foreign territory, right? 03/14