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1973 VW Scirocco I

It is even older than the under the sheet identically constructed golf, because it has seen the light of the world before this. The designer Giorgetto Giugiaro is still more involved at its form than that of the Golf. Almost simultaneously, there is a study based on the Audi 80. The square wedge shape is typical for the style of the designer at that time. All Scirocco models will be built by Karmann.

The name originates from a North African desert wind. Originally it is destined for the Golf parallel to shortly before appearing Passat (winds between the equator and tropics), but it comes different. The more racy version steals not only the name but also the best equipment versions in the course of its development.

So the less powerful engines find themselves only little by little in the Scirocco. Drum brakes at the front axle never appear at it. Clearly, the Gulf has to be particularly cost-effective, while the chic coupe opens up more capable buyers. Not quite fit to this position, however, the fact that so few are left. Drive once to a VW meeting ...

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