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2014 VW Scirocco

New: Front and rear . . .

Did you know that the desert wind Scirocco was the very first VW with a transverse engine and front-wheel drive, in any case appeared on the market just before the first Golf? What a contrast to today, where VW has problems to commit to it.

It was exactly 40 years ago. 11,500 DM has cost the cheapest version, today, although in euro, even twice the amount. The Scirocco weighed with driver approx. 870 kg, 400 kg more today. Engines of 37 kW (50 HP) up to 82 kW (110 HP) were offered, today from 92 kW (125 HP) up to 206 (280 HP).

Maximum of 144 to 185 km/h have been achieved, today 203 to 250 km/h. There were four gears and three as a torque converter automatic optional, now six, and optional as dual clutch transmission also. A VW emblem, there was at that time only in black and barely visible in the radiator grille, rear not at all.

Sometime at VW someone came up with the idea to attract more notice to this brand logo and the design of the new Scirocco and the Beetle was in its decisive phase just at the time. So now both wear it on the front hood. All other VW series models have been lucky.

However, only up front because at the rear it has established itself as opener for the bonnet everywhere, now its function was also adopted at the Scirocco. The new front is now become relatively pleasing despite VW emblem on the hood. One can argue about the rear. Whether this rear facelift is sufficient to increase the sales success?

From two down in the middle will three top of it.

From the initially mentioned 40 years to the master form, one should have been able to do more than to place a console with three additional instruments on the dashboard at the R-model. If you compare the rear of the New with the Old, you may come to the conclusion that even with the LED technology of today a little more Giugiaro from the seventies would have been good. It does not have to look like in the picture below . .  . 05/14

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