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1981 VW Santana

How often by car manufacturers have been made attempts, to group a long time has been introduced model half a class higher. Exactly this activities the action of the VW plant is assigned with the Santana as Passat notchback.

One must however note in advance that until 1981 VW Passat only is to get as a hatchback or Variant. The result is then with the same driving program and a lot of external and internal knick-knack a classic four-door with a separate luggage compartment and, by the way, allows no connection to the rear seat bench.

No, that's probably not have been the knock-out criterion for the car in Europe. Then even rather the 'grandfather with hat' image that it blew away soon. Actually, wrongly, as the list of possible engines is a mile long and the huge trunk of anything but impractical. Even the in fact for notchback cars slightly worse cW value can be pushed down with the 'Formula E' called equipment to respectable 0.38.

In general, this formula E. Today (2010), we discover it again. Long transmissions in the fifth gear, also called handy '4 + E ', to order together with almost all drive systems. In addition to theaerodynamic improvements, there is even the 'stop-start system', although with more manual operation than today, but still. Although the diesel engines are still working after the swirl chamber method, but the consumption can be quite impressive.

As already said, the car does not assert in this country too old-fashioned it looks. There almost harms the fantastic equipment. From 1988 it is again combined with the Passat, which there is then only as a notchback, respectively a Variant back. Despite this, later still, the Passat succeeds to appear more valuable in the eyes of the consumers, namely with the introduction of the Phaeton. Though the optical approach harms the Phaeton now ...

Back to the Santana, for its story is not over. Travelers in China report that there it is to see well not just at every corner, but quite often, as in any case best-selling VW. Thus it has still made world career. This is more important now for the VW factory, because this growth market partly has compensated in 2009 the losses in other markets.

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