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2014 VW Polo GTI

Last time we have reported on the Polo GTI 2005 and rub our eyes in astonishment as the performance was able to grow by almost 30 percent and the torque by 45 percent of the in principle same engine, but with DSG (dual clutch transmission) significantly fewer. At the same time the consumption and the CO2 emissions therewith decreased by up to one third (!).

One stops short at the indication of the maximum torque, which although achieved an even more broader rotational speed range in the double manual transmission, but is more than 20 percent lower. At the highest performance the speed range is slightly restricted. Now of course, there are within the VW Group DSG transmissions which tolerates the higher torque without complaint. One has only to look around in the diesel division.

5.4 kg weight saving at the engine

It can be assumed that the transmission selected here manages with a dry double clutch and therefore is less expensive. VW itself refers to the 10 g/km less CO2 emission. After all, this per se fabulous transmission has barely more kerb weight.

On the price affect the general inflation in almost ten years and the upgraded car with around 3,000 euros extra charge. It would be to add once more about 1,500 euros for the double clutch transmission today. This raises the Polo half a class higher. You could also determine this at the greater length of 6.7 cm if necessary. However, the wheelbase has remained almost the same, even shrunk the height by 1.7 cm.

Below we have listed a few extras, including Sport Select. The latter concerns dampers switchable in two stages, whereby the first creates a bit more comfort as a 'normal' sports suspension and the second less. Also the steering then has less support and the characteristic of the accelerator pedal is sharper. In the interior a more powerful engine sound will be produced.

Because of possible participation in events in motor sport the traction control system can be switched off. There are in addition to ESP still ESC Sport and XDS+ with also slightly intervention possibilities by a switch. If we interpret correctly the text of VW, however in all of these systems it is a matter of specific use of the brakes in order to increase the performance overall and especially the of the steering. Which is in the new Polo GTI for the first time electromechanical. 11/14

Relatively modest additional charges for ...
Four door800 €
Head airbags rear490 €
MirrorLink170 €
Panoramic roof/sunroof890 €
Climatronic325 €
Sport Select285 €

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