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1981 VW Polo

VW has never really noticed by special courage. Rather conservatively styled vehicles are been from this manufacturer. At the Polo from '81 ('82 model year) is different. Maybe it's the somewhat unfortunate birth of the Polo, the first comes out as low-priced doublet of Audi 50. Now, 6 years later, an independent vehicle is developed far away from the former relative. The result is a remarkable new definition of the compact car. Whose later appeared hatchback version is sold as a coupe (Figure 4). The result was muchinterior space and no disturbing rear window for the rear seat occupant. Pity that it is not more assumed from the audience.

Less importance is attached on family resemblance in this case.

Under the sheet metal the silent revolution is not yet over. Especially the smallest engine has the most advanced process, High Compression and Squish, a compression ratio of 9.5:1 with normal fuel, much too high for recent scales. Only possible with a piston, which partly extends up to less than a millimeter to the cylinder head and with it forms a so-called Heron-combustion chamber. It arise swirls that everywhere in the combustion chamber ensure for the same temperature and prevent the formation of hot spots. Even with the takeover of Audi by Daimler-Benz one had tried to develop the so-called 'mean pressure engine', however ultimately again had to take back compression. The swirling was missing.

VW sees itself with this car as the inventor of the hatchback.

Even in the mixture preparation in the Polo II innovations are hidden. First to mention is the reliance on the well-tried choke. However now was a mishandling excluded because it is partially self-resets. It is sometimes also called thermochoke. Basically it is a start automatic which manual intervention and thus fuel saving then permit when consumption is particularly high, namely immediately after a cold start. In addition,still comes a very effective suction tube heating system, given the relatively small battery, a courageous decision.

English subtitles possible . . .

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