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2017 VW Polo

More than 14 millions in 42 years have already been sold. Since 1975 it has grown over half a meter and has even reached the Golf 4 in terms of wheelbase. After eight years, the previous fifth generation was thought to be overhauled.

Towards this, it has become longer and wider, but a little lower. In the luggage compartment it even beats the current Golf. Even within the year 2017, there will be a new natural gas engine with turbocharging (TGI) in addition to TSI and TDI.

All Diesel with SCR exhaust gas purification

The design does not dare too much, e.g. beading through the door handles has taken place already more frequently, rear circumferential edge, too. The front, on the other hand, seems to succeed in its correspondence between light and transverse chrome rods. At the rear, it was quite reasonable again to avoid using the tailgate for the taillights, presumably for reasons of costs.

Displays: 6,5 to 8 inch

Inside the Polo presents a much quieter and handsome dashboard. The direct instruments are also digitized. It is questionable whether this is also the case in the basic version. With pride are presented almost all possible assistance systems. The GTI below is presented at the same time. 06/17

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