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2009 VW Polo

Was it right to delay the premiere of the clearly older Polo in favour of the Golf 6? The Golf still is the more central car within the group although he has created an amount of place for the smaller one by careful and nevertheless steady technical and spatial improvement.The 'Polo' uses that additional space without taking part in all the crazyness of the big brother. So there still is the rear axle which in comparison between abilities and expenditure actually is the better one. Those who favor the respective drum brakes must accept a smaller choice of drive.

You never know, maybe the present crisis brings us back to not always unreasonable basics since the other side of the medal shows 150 kilos less weight. Suitable Blue-motion- engines are to be expected which promise clear CO2 savings.

On the other hand, nobody should expect the same interior space of like for example the 'Golf II' from an overall length of 4 metres. The today's models are substantially safer in case of an accident which, however, reduces the interior space. Moreover the engineers nearly do not know any more where to put all the little extras.

In view of this, the new 'Polo' is a solution, a little bit of a compact car with middle class equipment. One may wonder which extras will be removed or made a little simpler, compared to the 'Passat'. Maybe a semi-automatic parking control equipment instead of a fully automatic one?

On the outside there is no sign of the competitor`s trends. No headlights slowly drawing back in the direction of the A-pillar and also the metal beading remains discreet. Only the brand logo has a minimum size since a few years, probably ordered by the board of directors. No matter if it suits the car or not or if it cuts the bonnet like at the 'Polo'.

Otherwise one has the impression that the design of VW has settled a little. No wallowing in chrome and no excessive V shapes. Design always had an honest chance if the designer was able to live his ideas. Looking back at four generations of 'Polo', one can only agree with those people responsible.

The new 'Polo' will not make the used- car prices of his predecessors drop endlessly. Maybe he will take over a position similar to that of the early 'Golf ', i.e.everyone could have him without allowing conclusions as to social ranking.

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