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2001 VW Polo IV

5.1 million have already been produced. In 2001, it has the typical four-eyed face that also adorns the Lupo. These two lights at each side then merge again with the 2005 facelift. The body is now 15.4 cm longer, and the wheelbase, at 5.3 cm also a little longer. This means, among other things, a larger cargo space of 1,030 liters.

In front, three-cylinder engines are now pulling for the first time. The four-cylinder evolve with turbocharger to 110 kW (150 hp) or 132 kW (180 hp) as a GTI version. So slowly the Polo outgrows the small car status. Thinking in terms of platforms has taken hold. It is the same here as in the Seat Ibiza, Seat Cordoba and Škoda Fabia.

. The ABS system is now standard, while ESP and even a brake assistant are available at extra cost. Active safety is completed by power steering assisted depending on the speed. Also standard are front and side airbags, and even head airbags are optional. The belt tensioners have an integrated limit.

From this Polo there is also again a notchback variant, which is offered from 2003 to 2005. The length grows thereby by 28 cm, the luggage compartment on 432 liters. Sales successes are these variants in Germany not. 2005 comes a facelift, which from then on gives the Polo a more permanent and somewhat more adult contour.

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