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1994 VW Polo III

About its beauty you can argue with certainty, but practically it is. It has obtained more wheelbase, head and elbow room, and yet remains still compact. In addition to relative inner size, it benefits from improved safety standards. This includes not only more stable B pillars, but also eg the new pretensioners ignited pyrotechnically.

To the three petrol engines will still join a naturally aspirated diesel engine with after all 1.9 liters of displacement. The Polo gone are the days of regular gasoline, making unnecessary beside a reduced consumption also special versions for Germany. After all, the engines have knock control, which allows operation of regular gasoline with slight losses at the motor performance.

Those were the days when there was ABS optional. The Polo 3, it is combined with electronic brake force distribution. Blocking rear axles with little rear axle load will now inter alia prevented by an integrated system and not from specially intended functional elements in the rear brake hydraulics. For this, the potential of the brake is better used with proximity to the blocking limit.

In the field of electronics has been added the new immobilizer. It lets the control unit for the Motronic first regulate the engine when an appropriate signal was given and decoded by the vehicle key. Short-circuiting or bridging is useless. Matching to the new vehicle key, there are electric power windows and central locking, optionally with additional protection against theft.

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